New paintng – They paved paradise 1 x 3m

Winter is here so I’m back in my studio painting and writing. I’ve just completed a large commissioned painting and am currently painting several large canvases. The studio is a happy hive of activity and warm vibes. When I hit a dead end with a painting its best to get busy writing (Lost in a Dream – is my next book ) and playing records until the fog lifts.

mixed media – will have a matt black frame

I put my work on Instagram, follow – lostandfoundbyjamesgilbraith and sell mainly online via Vinterior, Ebay, follow-jameslostandfounduk & physically from my pitch at Preston Antiques although there isn’t really enough space to exhibit everything. Id be happy to offer sale or return to a decent Gallery space.

If you have any questions about my work etc then please do just phone me – 07756211120

 Playhappy, James


For all enquiries please call James on 07756211120

Art by James Gilbraith  

I enjoy painting and love the movement involved in action painting – I also like the idea of destroying & reusing a former canvas or painting to create something new. I incorporate a mixture of media and different paints including acrylics, oils, marine and industrial. Most of my paintings are broken down from photos of the Ribble Valley and surrounding countryside while out fishing for salmon or walking the dog. I also draw heavily on memories of people and places – moments of experience, exploring the past and how over time they can change – along with perception and perspective.

My process must be spontaneous, honest and reactive – painting a conscious stream of thought using colour and style as instant expression of feelings and emotion.

Music and sound feature as massive boosts to my work and each inspires what and why I paint. I also write about my experiences and have published two books Terminal Chancer, Silver Seasons & Hooked On Hope – both focus on the importance of balance, humour, and self expression through creativity.   Terminal Chancer     

Both books are available via Amazon

For more details and to view then please phone James on 07756211120