Matt Gregory Woodworks

Bespoke furniture and lighting. All MGW furniture is hand made from reclaimed materials. Each piece is a one of a kind creation and has had a previous life. Large scale mirrors, timber beds full of warmth and charm. These items are all hand made and individually finished with a stunning worn paint patina.

Large, solid-wood, King-Size bed.

This bed is made from a large door I found about five years ago. It was thoroughly wet and a touch rotted at the bottom but luckily only had one piece of the original moulding missing. It took about six months to dry out and the paint ( Eighties Council committee-decision green ) took two full days to get off !.
The sides were inspired by a great bed I saw in a house in France, and they, along with the panelling just lent themselves to being as dark as possible.
It’s big but still comes in only four pieces. It goes together easily with bolts and feels very solid.
It’s a great bed to hibernate in !.

Headboard height: 154cm
Headboard width: 168cm
Length: 219cm

Price £1300

Very large, wooden-framed, Floor Mirror.

Height: 226cm
Width: 150cm
Depth: 15cm

Made from lengths of some 50 year old timber coving and several other different, old mouldings – some softwood, some hardwood. The colours are the nearest I could get to the remaining paint flecks on the the original coving. It has bevelled glass and is heavy !. It’s designed to sit on the floor but could be hung on the wall … but that would take some extra engineering !.


Solid Oak, Six-Seater Dining Table

Chairs not included. The table top is oak, the base is softwood.

Length: 182cm
Width: 92cm
Height: 78cm

This heavy, solid-oak table is made from two oak doors that a friend of mine kindly let me have, in return for a decent bottle of single malt. The doors had been on his house for fifteen years or so and had weathered and aged very nicely. The base legs are made from one large, single piece of timber that I’d had for about ten years.
It fits together very easily – two oak pegs and six bolts but then with the diagonal brace is extremely rigid.
It will go inside or outside but if outside the base will need some paint or stain over time.


Heavy, old glass, wooden-framed Mirror. Green and Gold

Height: 144cm
Width: 83cm
Depth: 8cm

The glass in this mirror is old and thick and therefore quite heavy. The frame is made from old mouldings and there is a wax finish over the green and gold paint. It stands on the floor at the moment but I can make a bracket and modify the back for it to be hung either portrait or landscape.

Height: 144cm
Width: 83cm
Depth: 8cm


Wall hanging modifications and bracket £60

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Legs Width: approximately 100cm
Height: Would go to between 180cm
and 200cm but is shown in
picture at around 145cm

Having spent some time searching I’m now fairly certain that this is a tripod that cartographers would use to support their surveying equipment ( if anyone has any other ideas then please do get in touch ).
The legs are fully adjustable ( to allow for rough ground ) and the two upper sections slide inside each other and then into the bottom section, like a telescope. The handle and cog still work with the chain but I’d suggest adjusting it by hand.
The brass lamp holder will take any shade … but I couldn’t decide on one!. It comes with the filament bulb shown.


Large timber Red Bed

Headboard H 169cm – W 166cm – L 218cm – Price £650

Room divider / salving unit

H 95cm L 187cm D 23cm price £280

For all enquiries, including delivery – please call James on 07756211120

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