Robot Man



Large original painting – inspired by counter-culture and street art.

Robot Man
Large original Robot Man – mixed media on canvas – framed


The title of the painting is Unsubscribe and was inspired by our new media world. The painting has counter- culture and pop art elements inspired by artists Julian Schnabel, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ralph Steadman and the band The Fall.

Now used as the cover art for the book Anarchy Pie.

My starting point was Warhols double Elvis. I just wanted to say something about modern life, work and our robotic obsessions.

Mixed media on high quality canvas

So much of modern life is data driven and run by algorithms that it can make you feel like a machine.

The Painting is now framed and ready to hang.

Dims are – 180cm x 120cm

Private viewing can be arranged and is encouraged

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