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Artist Bio –

James Gilbraith was born in 1968 – He is a writer and artist based in Clitheroe, Lancashire. The artwork is constantly inspired and shaped by the landscapes of the Ribble Valley. His work also reflects his love of music amalgamated with both experience & experimentation.

When I opened my shop Lost and Found in Clitheroe back in 2015 I quickly realised just how challenging it was to find original and interesting stock. Especially interesting artwork and paintings. Being a shop keeper was fairly boring, so to kill two birds with one stone I started painting over old prints that I had bought at auction. These paintings would be hung about the shop along side other artists. It became apparent almost immediately that my abstract work outsold the others combined. I would flit between writing my second book and painting on the floor in the back yard.

Boredom is the mother of invention

Having never painted anything before but having an almost obsessive ingestion of art history, art markets, value attribution and my favourite subject art crime. Off I went on an art adventure of my own.
Now I paint in my unit whenever I am inspired. All my paintings are emotive, impulsive, intuitive and spontaneous
. Inspiration arrives from unlikley places. An evocative memory, location, emotion, phrase, lyric or landscape can inspire – I just start and see where the energy takes me.

Find what you love and let it slowly kill you….

For the last seven years I have very much enjoyed the freedom of self-employment and being creative. Now I have found a lovely balance, writing, painting and buying and selling. This is the balance I have searched for all my life. Enjoying creative activities that make me smile and give me a true sense of joy.
My paintings are large raw, real and full of energy – Mass popularity is not my goal.

My goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients who enjoy the work. I am passionately independent and love to create lyrical pieces that will be proudly enjoyed.

I do accept commissions and am always happy to chat with early adopters.

Paintings that capture rhythm, movement, passion and energy. My hope is that these paintings can be enjoyed and cherished by generations and that they will become proud family heirlooms.

Robot ltd edition prints now available

Robot print Ltd edition signed

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