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 I have written three books based on my joy & passion for angling & game fishing.

Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon – 2014

Hooked On Hope – 2020

Anarchy Pie – 2023

If you really want to know about passion, humour & fly fishing….then these potent books are a must read.

Lo-fi adventures dancing to a post Covid frequency with a constant background static noise of fear and anxiety.

Following on from where Terminal Chancer and Hooked on Hope left off. Boo Gilbraith emerges from lockdown after choking on the splinters of Covid. Armed with a new resolve to fish more and to reinforce his own small mundane world.

Join him and his conflicted and dislocated associate Lamont as they search for life’s treasures along the banks of the river.

Expect – ghosts, witches, mortality, grief, romans, folklore, killer dogs, giant salmon, epic trout, stupidity, wisdom and lots of laughter

All three genre twisting books feature a colourful cast of characters and focus on our pursuit of Salmon from our home river – the Ribble & are available to buy via amazon. The lens is fixed on humour, balance and the joy of the outdoors.

One reader said:

Hooked on Hope is not a simple continuation of Terminal Chancer, but rather an evolutionary development. Having quit his job at the Cracker Factory, Boo Gilbraith’s perspectives change in subtle ways that add yet more value to his writing. Everything that I loved in Terminal Chancer – the narrative, characterisation and amazing visualisation – is still present, but the new angles and lighting add to the effect. Yet again I found myself laughing out loud in a public place, something no other book has done in decades.
Wonderful, do buy it.
– All three titles are available Amazon or from the link below

For more details about both books and our podcasts, visit my site Terminal Chancer

We have also recorded six episodes of our Podcast, Hooked On Hope re-cast. The podcast is a sonic romp – not your normal podcast and very funny.

Latest Podcast here


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