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Lockdown. Lets hope we can all stay safe and get through this. My thoughts are with all those frontline staff fighting this virus head on.

If you have any enquiries then please do give me a call.

James Gilbraith

This is just a selection of our stock thats on our pitch at Preston Antiques Centre – If you have any questions please call – James on 07756211120

Spring ? Yes Please !



I can’t watch the weather reports anymore – they’ve run out of words to describe all the variables – causing me to run out of exasperated expressions.  What exactly is a flabby low front and how can it be avoided ? The other beauty is the term likelihood  – Today there is a likelihood for snow, rain, high wind, hail, sunshine all possibly at the same time emanating from a sphincter shaped cloud  – wear everything you’ve got – all the time.

In the likelihood that your reading this then pat yourself triumphantly on the back – you made it through Xmas and the last 14 weeks of soul sapping weather ( ok you had a couple of fun days sledging but that just papered over the cracks ) We all need spring to re-energise us and lift our outlook.

Jukebox - now sold


We’ve been busy – January – February we rebuilt our kitchen ( it was the weather for it ) and in-between we bought and sold some cracking items. We’ve had a re-jiggle in the shop as we waved goodbye to some of our favourites – the NSM Prestige jukebox being one of them (every home should have one) just turning it on made the internal sun come out. But just as we sigh and wonder where the hell we can find some super charged oddities – the cosmos beams us down some eyebrow raising fresh finds that raises our heart rate to levels that makes us worry about cheese, wine & cholesterol….Boars Heads

We are awash with upholstery jobs – from makers such as Gillows, Guy Rogers, Ercol, G Plan and many others. In stock at the moment is some lovely mid century furniture such as nests of G Plan tables – coffee tables, Ercol dining sets and armchairs. These designs have already stood the test of time and are still a cheap alternative to buying new.




We have also got some barn find very large abstract art – artist unknown, but who cares – leave the big names for the empty eyed hedge funders –  you can’t beat owning an original one off that you bought because you wanted it on your wall.

More and more of our stock is selling on Facebook and Instagram – so be sure to follow us on both of those or if you prefer just go all out analogue and visit the shop or phone us.

We can deliver so please be sure to get a quote – we deliver to London once every two weeks.

The shop is looking splendid and is full of stock – so please do come and visit us soon.

James & Anne Marie Gilbraith


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