Diving in to 2017

Had an unexpected influx of taxidermy and mounted long horns – all very nice decorative pieces in good sound condition. Its been nice to get the xmas period behind us and crack on to twenty seventeen.

I’ve had some very nice results with some upholstery I’ve had done. Its great to see a worn piece be given a fresh twist. Recently we have had two nice Georgian style arm chairs refurbished and from a tattered and battered state they have been rejuvenated.

The constant battle for space in the shop continues as we continue to rotate the stock. Last week we bought some really nice historical photographs depicting east Lancashire’s industrial past – The weavers triangle in Burnley circa 1880 is an astounding thought provoking image. A superb local piece of history and a snapshot to a now distant world.

I hope 2017 treats you all kindly and with good grace. James

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