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FAQ – Have you seen Salvage Hunters or American Pickers

A. Yes

Apologies for not updating the site earlier but unlike the TV shows – omnipresence is a tough gig – I find it hard to upload, deliver, find, research, prep, restore, describe and sell all at once – its like non stop live Tetris – but trust me, I try.

July was rough – really quiet and thank goodness we had a week away on holiday in the middle of it. Trade was like walking through treacle but we knew it was coming so planned ahead.

Thankfully August is here and stock has been flying in and out. We have a nice selection of vintage armchairs that are being prepped for re-upholstery – remember once they are a blank canvas – the client can just choose any fabric and colour and leave the rest to us.

Below we have lots of new stock – some lovely old gems and some great artwork. As ever please phone me if you have any questions – rather than death by text or email exchanges – or come and visit us. We even have a coffee machine and a dart board

Anybody quoting – Have you seen Salvage Hunters or American Pickers gets 10% off

Enquires – James on 07756211120

Regards, James and Anne Marie Gilbraith



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