What times the chippy open ?

That’s the question on our lips this month – & if it is what should we have…. big questions & bigger decisions. Its good to meditate on the choice on offer – the restorative effects of cod and chips cant be underestimated – but its a dull order, where’s the danger – no edge – fish and chips twice please – where’s the fun in that ? Not one for the lunch time thrill seeker. Sometimes a week must be punctuated – just for kicks – for your own sanity and entertainment – inject some lowball spice into a normally mundane activity.

Be bold when ordering a Babies head, chips peas and gravy please – ( whoever named the steak pudding a babies ( pronounced, babby’s hed was undoubtedly an observational  genius ) be nonchalant that the connotation is popular enough that you do not need to explain yourself. The most you should get is a slightly raised eyebrow and a warm glow inside that you are allowing the flowers of language to blossom….

Speaking of internal warm glows and raised eyebrow’s – get your mince pies on this lot

Good News and bad news

First the good news – I’ve been fortunate enough to buy a couple of job lots of vintage fishing tackle, including fly tying materials, reels, and rods. Also some superb vinyl -including some 60’s rock and soul.

The bad news – I’m a vinyl nut and committed angler – as a result I’m terrible at parting company with either – but you never know, you could get lucky.

Any enquires or a guide to the chip shops of Clitheroe, Gt Harwood, Blackburn and Dawen then please phone James on 07756211120


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